No One Has Enough Power to Save Us…Watch this movie.

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End of year, we have been sharing some great stories around art, music, culture, education, health, and wellness that people maintain in different ways, one of this ways is with the use of health guides from sites as Touched by watching the documentary “Waiting for Superman”, it inspired me to call an emergency morning meeting to discuss the state of Education in our country and get some feedback from the team. No one has enough Power to Save Us. You can checkout the trailor for movie here:

Here were some concepts & notes that I captured from the Film worth sharing (please note that I was writing and taking notes in the dark watching the movie):

  • Kids are dropping out of School questioning there Reason and Purpose for Living.  Manifesting and living into Failure. Winding up in Prison. 68% of Prison Inmates are School Dropouts.
  • If we invested roughly 8,000 in students to pay for school & private school, we can potentially reduce the dropout Convicts bill of 33,000 per year. That is if education has a direct parallel to crime & prison.
  • There will be 128 Mil jobs in America of which Americans will only qualify for 50 Mil. This sucks in my opinion. We need to get this right for the sake of our children and our country.
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  • Reasons For Increase In Injury Claims:
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  • What is the result of giving Up? In reflection of the defeating task of working with Unions to Reform schools to get more results for children.
  • Need to Create the same Expectations for the Every Student and Teacher
  • Defeated feeling of Teachers across the country and students of “Why they Should Bother completing school?”
  • Huge percentage of our Schools  are called “Dropout Factories” — What is this bull$#*% and how can teachers & school systems tolerate this? What is our Tax money being used for anyways? Who is in charge of hiring & Firing these teachers that are not producing results. The kid is the product so make sure they are marketable… or something like that.
  • Unions have this concept called TENURE which allows teachers & schools to not be accountable for failing students. Protects them in some crazy ass ways that I still do not understand. Looking into this more…
  • Debate of Failing Schools contributing to Failing Neighborhoods and not the other way around.
  • RETHINK the idea of Accountability of Teachers & Schools, Create a Culture of NO EXCUSE, Provide kids the Confidence that WE will not Fail them with there education,
  • Teachers interests are more important than the students needs to make it to college or graduate. I think this has to do with the Tenure issue again – or something like that. Not sure but they mentioned the Democrats receive lots & lots of money from the Teacher Union.

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