10 DIY Tips to Improve Your Branded Facebook Page

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There’s a lot of strategy out there to get more likes, encourage fan interaction and drive sales & leads from your branded Facebook page.  Unfortunately, without the right design or technical knowledge, many of them can be hard to implement unless you hire a professional.  The good news is there are quite a few tactics you can start implementing today, on your own, without the help of any outside marketers.  Here is a list of 10 content tips to help improve your branded Facebook page.

1.  Apply the 80/20 rule to your status updates.
80% of status updates should be about giving value to your fans, the other 20% can be devoted to promotional or branding efforts.

2. Post like a friend instead of a brand.
Facebook is about creating connections.  Humanized language makes this possible and will get much better responses than corporate speak or press release styled writing, which is a huge turnoff for fans.

3. Break important, relevant news
Use your status updates to announce products, sales, milestones, event news or whatever else your audience would be interested in.  Users will keep coming back if they know your Facebook wall is the best place to go for timely information.

4. Respond to fans when they comment on your status
This will encourage more participation, while helping to build relationships and increasing the total number of interactions for your update.

5. Consistently present an offer or special for fans to look forward to
For example, posting a coupon for one of your products on the first of each month.

6. Use every status update category available
Text, links, images, and video are all options at your disposal.  Variety increases user engagement and reach.  Celebrating milestones such as your 1,000th fan, 10th year in business or any other creative accomplishments you can think of make for good updates.

7. Don’t take your fans off Facebook
When endorsing contests, email sign ups, products, or other calls to action, don’t send fans to your website.  Instead send them to a tab on Facebook with the information.  Your fans are on Facebook for a reason and research shows conversion rates are higher when users don’t have to leave Facebook.

8.  Like other related pages as your branded page
By finding pages related to your business or industry you can encourage cross promotion partnerships as well as extend your reach to a similar target audience.

9. Encourage fan interaction
Through fan submitted wall photos taken of themselves with your product, logo, or while doing something related to your business.  Crowdsourcing to find out which types of coupons or special events fans would like to see will also increase community participation.

10. Use photos wisely
Use photo albums to post your photos instead of to the wall directly, which creates a much more organized collection of photos for users to view.  Publish images in groups of 3 or less, since 3 is the most that will display on your wall at a time.  This will increase impressions and your chances of fan interaction.

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