Cyber Security Just Got a Little Easier

You’re walking back into the office after a relaxing lunch break, take a seat at the desk, and wake your computer back up. “Oh no, this can’t be…” you mutter to yourself. But, yes – catastrophe is rapidly unfolding amongst the glowing luminescence of your monitor. The most critical systems that you’re in charge of managing are being attacked hundreds of times with each passing minute. Tens of thousands of threats against your delicate infrastructure all went down while you were chomping on a burger. Instigate panic mode – all systems check for emotional break down. This is the world series of nightmares that you knew may one day leech into your life when you decided to become a Cyber Security Manager.

Sounds kinda stressful, right? Well that’s exactly the type of situation that we take into mind when it comes to UX design and development. How is John Q Security Manager going to turn into a hero this very minute instead of curling up into a ball in the corner of his office and sucking his thumb? It comes down to rifling his way through the security software and taking all necessary actions when seconds count. And that’s how we approached a redesign to the Tritium Cyber Security Software. The team is now in the midst of building and refining solutions for Tritium and looking forward to creating some heroes. User testing and further refinement are coming up in the pipeline, so check back soon for a case study of how we approach such consequential design and development matters and the User Experience solutions that make the difference.


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