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(re)Presenting the Unique Affordable Fashions of

Another week down, another site launched. is an Ecommerce site selling "Unique, Affordable Fashions For Women & Teens" via the CS Cart system. They came to us for help in reskinning (did I just make up a word?) their entire site. Their old homepage (after the jump) had been redone at some point, but once you drilled in to any of the categories or product pages, the site was just using the default New Vision Yellow skin from CS-Cart.…
May 17, 2010
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Ashworth Golf Company

I realized today that we neglected to document (blog-ument?) the launch of another site a week or two ago : the redesign of the Ashworth Golf Company. Using WordPress at its Content Management System potential, the site showcases the Ashworth legacy, latest Apparel, Golfers, and then some. (more…)
March 1, 2010
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Updating the Code Aurora Forum

Mobile World Congress was this past week, and as part of our contribution to that, and to the world at large, we at Ninthlink had the privilege of freshening up the look of the Code Aurora Forum, "the go-to-source for the mobile open source community." The old site (picture after the jump) had all the info, including GIT repositories and WIKIs full of knowledge for the latest in the open source world, from Google's Android and Chromium OS to Qualcomm's…
February 19, 2010