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It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Our Marketing Superman Alex Levine

Introducing our newest newbie, Alex Levine, or as we like to call him, Adam Levine (see what we did there?) — Del Mar, CA native, enemy of spicy food, and new Ninthlink Marketing Wizard (team Gryffindor). Alex graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing from Gonzaga University and over the past four years has expanded his knowledge in areas like B2B lead generation, PPC, social media and strategic partnerships. Alex brings new and diverse marketing wisdom to Ninthlink and is quickly becoming proactive with every client. His go-getter personality and “24 going on 40” disposition, make it easy for him to work with any team and client. When he’s not learning the latest and greatest in marketing, Alex can be found remodeling his new home, jumping out of planes, teaching ballroom dance, and sailing in regattas around San Diego. We’re pretty excited to have this self-proclaimed dork on our team! Alex’s LinkedIn

Ninthlink Aspires to Maker Culture

For those that have not been introduced to the Maker Movement that is sweeping the hearts and minds of engineers, creatives and more, let me get you up to speed on some cool things happening.

The Maker Movement has become a worldwide phenomenon, inspiring individuals, young and old, to DIY (do it yourself). The Maker Movement is encouraging invention, creativity, and learning-through-doing. At Ninthlink, we’re pretty excited about the Makers on our team and can’t believe the amazing stories shared by Makers around the world!

One of the most fascinating engineering-oriented pursuits of the movement is 3-D printing. We couldn’t resist getting our hands on such a progressive technology and now have two 3-D printers (or MakerBots as they’re called) at Ninthlink. Maybe one day, we’ll print something as fascinating and as useful as fighter jet parts or windpipes!

It’s not just adults or engineering graduates who are gravitating toward the Maker Culture. According to, an organization donating 3-D printers to public schools, children are becoming the next generation of Makers. The Maker Movement is providing young students with an alternative form of learning. For those that don’t excel in the average, public school classroom, getting to be hands-on with 3-D printers, makes learning fun.

Even the White House has jumped on the Maker bandwagon and is hosting its first ever Maker Faire. Maker Faires are held in more than 100 locations around the world and attract Makers of all kinds. It’s been said it is the “year of the maker” and hosting such an event at the White House will only bring more positive awareness to the Movement.

So, why is Ninthlink loving on Maker? We love to stay on the forefront of trends and are always experimenting and testing new ideas for projects. Ask us more about how to collaborate on a maker project.

Meet Julia Turpit: She Makes “Fetch” Happen

Welcome Julia, our resident newbie! After receiving her bachelors in Communications and minor in Sociology from the University of San Diego, Julia established herself in the tech and marketing space, working as a Technical and Creative Recruiter. Her genuine love of people and, in turn, networking and relationship building, led her to Ninthlink, where she joined the team as a Sales Executive in December 2013. Julia partners alongside existing and potential clients to secure and foster successful relationships. Cheerfully embracing her role as the rookie, she is hands-on with each department, from development to marketing, getting a taste for the ever-changing, multifaceted web world. A Sunny San Diego native, she prefers the (unfortunately) occasional rainy day and is happiest when running by the beach, sipping on Moscow Mules, and spending time with friends and family. With all that blonde hair, we bet you’d never guess she’s been to racecar driving school and can shoot guns! Julia’s LinkedIn

Long, Long Ago… In a Galaxy Not Too Far Away… Amanda Joined Ninthlink

This is Amanda. Our Account Manager who never stops smiling! Prior to joining Ninthlink in June 2013, she received her bachelors from the University of California Berkeley and worked as a literacy director and learning behavior specialist in Oakland, CA and Chicago, IL, respectively. At the Ninthlink headquarters, Amanda facilitates the communication of tasks and expectations between clients and project managers, designers, and developers. She also moonlights as an SEO and PPC marketing Padawan. Amanda’s happy and positive demeanor makes her a perfect point of contact for clients when issues arise. Amanda is a self-proclaimed math enthusiast and spends time volunteering as a GED math instructor. Outside of the office you can find her at the theater, whether onstage, backstage, or just in the audience. We think she’s pretty cool, but mostly because she can lick her elbow! Amanda’s LinkedIn

Hey… Have You Met Tim Spinks?

Tim: San Diego Native, self-taught programmer, and tinkerer, joined the Ninthlink team in March 2013. Tim received a degree in Economics (after testing the waters in Math, Philosophy, and Fine Arts) from UCSD and after working as a boat mechanic through school, became a licensed US Coast Guard captain. Now a Web Developer at Ninthlink, he can be found coding away, fixing bugs, and working hand in hand with our Marketing and Design teams. Although he spends most of his time at his computer, Tim never passes up an opportunity for adventure. When not at the office, you can find him fly fishing, camping and backpacking. While his creativity is present in his architecture, his passions lie in beer brewing, cheese and bread making, and Bluegrass music. Bet you didn’t know, he plays the washboard and spoons! Tim’s LinkedIn