Join Us To “Think Green” With Our New Office Bicycle Space!

Come on over to our office Tuesday, July 15, 2008, at 10 A.M. and join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Ninthlink’s bike rack. Refreshments will be served; the press, public, and neighboring businesses are all invited to attend.

Why the bike rack? Gas prices are outrageous today, increasing at an alarming rate. By the end of 2008, gasoline could very well be $6-7 a gallon. In response to this problem, many people are now commuting to their jobs, either by public transportation, walking, or riding their bikes to the office.

Riding a bike means you have to park it somewhere, right? Addressing this issue with both a global and local consciousness at heart, we here at Ninthlink have built an inner-office bike rack for its employees.

The bike rack not only provides a secure area for employees to park their two-wheel mode of commuting, but also expresses a positive approach to environmental and social concerns.

Every little bit helps. We hope that this bike rack will encourage other San Diego businesses to think green and encourage their employees to find alternative, economically and environmentally conscious ways to go to and from work,” says Matt Stallings, Ninthlink’s lead designer and artist, Matt Stallings, is thinking green outside the office by filling his gas tank half-way each month and riding his bike everywhere else. Ninthlink’s Chris Morrow rides
to and from work, and in fact conceived and built this bike rack for us!

By thinking green, Ninthlink aims to not only heighten global awareness in its offices, but show its clients and other San Diego businesses that transformation always starts with the little things – with this grass roots intention, affirmative change will build on itself, expand, and have long-lasting positive effects in San Diego for its people, commerce, environment, and economy.

Ninthlink encourages San Diego residents, businesses, and everyone around the globe to share your “Green Idea” with us online at Together, with enthusiasm and creativity, we can build affirmative change.

Ninthlink – Getting It Right.

Jeromy Stallings

Jeromy Stallings is the founder at Ninthlink. His purpose is to help business owners, thinkers, marketers & teams achieve their full potential through the authorship of strategic plans for the internet. Jeromy loves learning about anything digital, and helping others - so please comment and share how you are contributing to others with your skills!

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