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Simple, slick, to the point, Bam. Don’t believe me? Find your own favorite combination.

… and in case you were having a hard time figuring out what to get me for my birthday. Which is funny haha because I found the Raybans site through the following chain, which also pointed out a NOFX song I never knew about, conveniently called August 8th :

1) A buddy, who will remane nameless, but who’s initials are Steve, complained that he needed design ideas. Naturally, I pointed him to the FWA.

2) In return, he pointed me to NETTUTS’ Best of the Web – June 2008 list, and specifically, the 25 Outstanding WordPress Designs. This blog is built on wordpress (if you didn’t already guess), so I was interested.

3) #2 on that list (I didn’t get very far before getting sidetracked, or, before exploring on my own, depending on your point of view) is Blogsolid. Poking around there, I found the post explaining Blogsolid’s rise to fame, and to crashing, and back to fame again.

4 & 5) Blogsolid’s post links to CSS Import, which I was unaware of, but seems like the FWA, but for CSS / html / javascripty things, more than flash-based FWAy goodness. AKA, more my cup of tea. Anywho, it was there that I clicked the banner to go check out We Heart Stuff , ’cause hey, who doesn’t heart stuff? And they pointed me to the RayBans.

5b) And, at the bottom of that Blogsolid post, he points out the NOFX song.

Rock. Rock on.

Alex Chousmith

Alex has been building with Ninthlink since '06, and a San Diegan since the turn of the century. A background of Mathematics – Computer Science / Interdisciplinary Computing & Arts from UCSD, plus Drupal / WordPress / jQuery / CSS3 / HTML5 / bass guitar / homebrew skill, powers him to get the job done, no matter what.

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