Wazzel is live and in yo’ FACE…BOOK

By October 30, 2008 3 Comments

We are proud to announce the launch of another successful Facebook application, Wazzel Sports Brain! Yay, wahoo, its live, its fun, its sporty, it sucks you in and is very easy to distract you at work while trying to reach the next level.  In a nutshell, its a good salty one, so check it out on Facebook today : or you can play on their website at!

Tracy Reid

Tracy is our Finance & Strategy girl, working as CFO and Vice President at Ninthlink. Her passion is in building a future for Ninthlink, from growing client relationships to enhancing employee benefit programs, she is focused on the biz. Ninthlink is like a family to her, and helping it to be amazing is her motto. Overall a pretty cool chick. (yes I wrote this about myself)


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