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By February 24, 2009 2 Comments

stoph @ renny rhanor photography!

Yesterday night as I was leaving the office at 7pm, the guy who mans the front booth of the parking garage commented that I was “working late again”. Well, when I’m not working late, I have been known to rock as one fourth of The Modlins, from time to time. Now, Stoph (drummer of the Modlins)’s wife Renny is a photographer, and wanted a website to showcase her photography. Hence, Renny Rhanor Photography a la And to answer Travis’s question, yes, I built it all in WordPress, with help of their NextGEN Gallery.

I first learned the ease of the NextGEN Gallery in helping a roommate’s (former) boss rework his Custom Homes & Remodeling business, which Craig lent his designer eye to…

pwb: ptloma

But I’m especially proud of this latest iteration of it, in which I was even able to disable Right-Click’ing on the gallery images, which Travis said is “exactly what you want to do.” So no stealing her pictures! But what you can do is contact her, via another page I really like.


Now that’s a lot of shoes!

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