2009 Trends: Rebate Checks for Online Travel/Lodging


Recently, a friend emailed that the hotel market is a bust in Manhattan, due to the currecnt economy, and booked a trip — flight, hotel, car — to the Big Apple at a very reasonable rate.  “But a week before I left,” he said, “prices dropped, I could have saved $200!” Car insurance is expensive, especially for young persons buying first time car insurance. They are the drivers who are least experienced and often have poor driving records. Unfortunately a few bad drivers have ruined cheap insurance rates for this group of individuals. To find car insurance for young persons, there are several ways to reduce costs. Make your teen driver aware of the costs upfront. Most of the time if they know how much is being spent, they won’t want to risk any rates increasing. Especially if they will be the one paying for their own insurance. Keeping a clean driving record is the best way to keep costs down on young persons’ car insurance. This is ultimately what will cause their rates to increase. Even one ticket or accident will double and maybe even triple a young drivers premium. If they have several infractions, they may find they can’t find an insurance company that will cover them. Young persons may claim that they will simply just not get insurance on their cars to save on costs. This is illegal and won’t be tolerated. They will find themselves in a mess of financial trouble and even legal trouble if they drive without coverage. Part of being a responsible adult is instilling right and wrong in our children and this definitely applies to being a responsible driver. To get more details about car insurance, you can read previous post here.

Keeping good grades in school is another way for young persons to save costs on their first time car insurance. If a student gets a 3.0 or better GPA their rates can be lowered by 10 percent. This is a great incentive for them to study hard. It will show a direct payoff for them by saving on their insurance. Taking an approved driving course can also help lower costs for car insurance for young persons. Most of the time these courses are entertaining and can only help when it comes time to get behind the wheel. Be a good example for your child. If they see that you are a safe driver then most likely they will follow suit. Try not to be overbearing when teaching them to drive. This can result in a rebellious attitude where they will want to break all the rules. Be up front and make sure they know the repercussions of their actions when it comes to driving. Car insurance for young persons will probably stay on the high side until they turn 25. Being aware of the ways to keep insurance premiums down will certainly help keep them as low as possible.

Travel and lodging deals at the Residence Inn Saginaw can be found aplenty as airlines and hotels try to entire consumers to spend. If you’re not sure where to stay, hotel jules can help you decide where to stay. Online tools that empower the consumer are what is the economy needs right now, and savvy marketers know this.

So this is the current online trrend… the competitive online travel segment has addressed the problem of trigger-shy consumers (worried about booking tickets that later drop in price) with the idea of the rebate check.

Priceline was the latest to introduce a price guarantee program last week. But this assumes users will trust these sites to accurately track price drops after the fact.

If you can’t trust your insurance company to not pocket their government bail-out money, how can you trust a travel website to cut you a check after it already made its commission?

Seattle-based seems to have a better idea. Yapta tracks flight and now hotel prices before you book and alerts you when there’s a price change. Initially a browser plug-in, Yapta enables you to track multiple airlines and destinations at once and even tracks the availability of frequent flier seats. Yapta also offers a cool embeddable FlightFares widget that will track flights for users of third party sites.

For instance, this is a great way to encourage people to come to that tech conference they’re on the fence about, or those ComiCon fans  who are sweating  whether or not they should come to San Diego this summer, now that pre-registering and early hotel prices are available.

Look for better deals down the line as more companies pick up on this trend and fight for your business — sometimes we can find positive things in a looming repression/depression.

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