Trend of the Moment: Be in the “Now”

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“Buckle up, and enjoy the millescond,” the computer voice says, and: “In the last second, your hair grew five millionths of an inch.”

Sprint has a cool new pitch from San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners, emphasizing the breath, value, and “nowness” of the community-oriented Sprint Now Network.

Sprint’s new push-to-talk or IM “Q-chat” feature is being held out as an example of its newfound hipness.

A nev website tracks a wide variety of activities happening across the globe, from the number of planes currently in the air to the number of emails being sent now.

This could be reminiscent of a Buddhist teacher whacking his students across the hand to remind them to stay in the present, or Yoda’s Jedi teachings to find truth in the now moment;  the site also includes some cool interactive features: the internet buzz now meter allows you to type in two words to compare which is currently generating more online activity.

All the while a female “Hal” like voice drones on with factoids and non-sequiturs such as “Please keep your hands inside the moment at all times.” There’s even an embeddable widget to keep you up with what’s happening directly from your homepage. 

The question of the nano-second: is this really necessary?

Who knows…it is cool, though, when you need useless facts of the mundane.

Jeromy Stallings

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