Booth #4833 at the ComiCon

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Okay, so when you’re wandering all over the Convention Center and you’re ¬†down in the gigantic “dealer’s” room at the ComiCon this weekend, buying goodies and a-gog at all the fantastic Hollywood displays, be sure to drop by and say hello at Booth #4833, the Planet Illogica Booth, sponsored by Ninthlink and featuring Murphy Art Books, Jeff Soto and the Tonny Sorrensen Collection!

“Comic-Con in San Diego is always about trying something new,” writes Mark Murphy at his blog. ¬†“My latest painting and drawing collection is entitled ‘Tax Me’ and will feature over 35 originals prepared for this event, a zine and drawings.”

You will find, at this booth, one-of-kind, specially inspired products, books, and fashion, and we will tell you all about our new venture, Planet Illogica, and how YOU can sign up and get involved in this exciting new outlet for creativity and commerce!

See you there!

{Image: “Gamera” by Joel Nakamura, from}

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