Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No It’s Formata Bold!


Which is the typeface that was used for the Washington Mutual logo before they got all fancy modern with WaMu. But that didn’t last too long anyways because they got bought out by Chase. And now we get the excitement of watching these 8 ft tall typefaces get trucked down from the twentieth floor of the building across from ours. Matt asked a great question concerning the final resting place of these gigantic beauties. Where do they go? Could it be that these end up rotting in glory in such a place as the Las Vegas Neon Sign Boneyard? I ended up speaking with one of the guys bringing them down and he said they just get scrapped. Man, how could they!? We could put these up in in one of our yards and spell cool things like “gut Mashing” and “Man gas”. What else can we spell with all those great letters? How about “al”. Our developer Alex should have been able to at least take home the “al” portion…washmut02

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