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So with all creative juices flowing lately with Survey Select – Art Exhibition, I thought it relevant to share a story and appreciation for two folks that have been a constant source of creativity and support all my life. Meet my super cool and kickass parents.

Creative Parenting. 40 Years and Still Going.

People always ask me where my brother and I get our creative spirit and energy? This weekend celebrating my parents 40 year wedding anniversary helped me to realize how so much creative love and passion pours into all they do – and for that matter what we do!

The Home as Place for Inspiration & Creative Storytelling

Mom's ability to tell a story no matter where in the house you visit.

My mom can transform anything good or bad into something great and inspiring. Checkout the latest transformation of there mountain home into a creative retreat for anyone needing a getaway from the norm and stepping into a world of endless storytelling and history. Next time you are at your parents or grandparents, take a deep breath and step into there world and explore all the cool stuff.

Creating House Projects that Inspire - Go Create

Dads new project, installations and support for Matt's artwork.

My dad can turn any challenge or situation into a fun project that demands creative thinking and problem solving. Some people say there is a tool for every job, I would say my Dad’s mantra is that there is a job for every tool. Never underestimate the joy of dragging home a table saw just to see if it works – then cutting wood just to watch it work. So much goodness in simple things.

So what are some of the cool things I love about my parents that I carry to my creative tasks and project:

Finding Inspiration and Creating your Hallways & Loft

No wall goes unskathed with creative purpose and intention.

“Nurture the Creative Spirit in You”. This is something my parents have always encouraged into daily living & growing. Always finding joy in challenges and making sometimes mundane things fun is always a daily chore when hanging out doing stuff. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and complete your idea regardless of how foolish, weird or it may feel or seem at the time. Break out of conformity and defy odds with your life.

Letting the Creative Process Happen Over Time

Moms Nooks & Crannies got something for Everyone

“Respect the Creative Process”. Nothing great happens over night, but knowing your creative idea and vision for a space (like a home or website) will have things show up. As you can see by my parents super cool arrangements and designs throughout there mountain escape, there is no wall that does not have something cool going on – I am not kidding, I got list in visual storytelling all day on Sunday and inspired with ideas to bring back to the office and into projects.

Creative Music & Dance Keeps you Rocking in Life

Kickass Folk Artists we hung out with Singing Songs

“Have Fun and Keep Laughing”. There is a time to be stressed and bummed out (like when someone is pointing a gun at your head threatening to kill you), but realize that every moment is a new opportunity to create. Most of us are stressed out because we are challenged, so take each challenge with a positive outlook and use it as an opportunity to discover more of your full potential. Some of my favorite memories with my parents are those when there is no plan, no agenda, no money – only the moment to create whatever we wanted – typically resulting in a funny conversation that led to someone doing something random.

In summary, I am totally blessed to have a family that loves to create every moment of every day. We are guided by our love of experiences and the spirit of creating with others.

Please share your story below, or I encourage you to reach out and share your story with others as you never know what you will create when you do. Rock on – Jeromy

Jeromy Stallings

Jeromy Stallings is the founder at Ninthlink. His purpose is to help business owners, thinkers, marketers & teams achieve their full potential through the authorship of strategic plans for the internet. Jeromy loves learning about anything digital, and helping others - so please comment and share how you are contributing to others with your skills!


  • R Craghead says:

    Nice Jerm. I wish T and C the best! Good parents are awesome eh? We have a lot to live up to.

  • Love love love! Yay Mom. Go Dad!

  • Amun says:

    And the best 2nd parents ever! I remember the Stalling’s house was like a second home to me and my friends and got nothing but gracious hospitality and amazing corn burritos. Needless to say they supported our creativity and never complained a bit about their “adopted” crazy teens running around the house. Nothing but love. Thanks Stallings!

  • Mom says:

    Jeromy, we are humbled by your words & grateful God blessed us with you as our Son. The way you live your life reminds us everyday that it is far better to give than receive.

    You are always moving forward.
    Only looking back

    To see what God has given you
    to keep your Soul on track.

    You listen to that inner voice.
    Which rarely lets you sleep.

    You face the world with passion,
    making it a better place.

    You remind us that by sharing
    all the gifts which God has given.

    We Honor him in Celebration,
    Of this Journey we call Living.
    With Love, Mom
    Jeromy, We stand in Awe of the Man you have become & share the Love you now have within your own family. Thanks to you and your Brother, we now have two incredible Daughters (along with their families), & four Perfect Granbabies.
    Your Ever Grateful Parents

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