February Theme: Scripting Your Offer; How to Increase Sales with Copy & Design

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Back in November, we focused strictly on the language component of ‘Scripting Your Offer’, in regards to the words, phrases and web copy used to sell your products or promote your business offerings online.  The month before, we reviewed some ‘Essentials of Web Page Conversion’, which often centered on design elements and specific visual strategies to help convert your site visitors into customers.  When it comes to scripting your offer, however, these two aspects will need to complement one another in order to achieve the best possible results.  Moving into February, we will be posting some tips and best practices when it comes to both writing for the web AND designing for the web if your goal is to attract customers and increase your sales.

David Lussky

David has been a Project Manager with Ninthlink since 2009. He enjoys the beach, electronic music, outdoor activities, traveling, and dominating in fantasy sports.

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