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Act Green, Don’t Just Buy Green

Earth Day is right around the corner, and I bet I’ve received over 1000 companies’ marketing communications claiming that they have become green. Their idea of green is a new brand, product, or just the same product but relabeled. This is a problem because buying green is not the answer to solving the issue that is causing us to think green in the first place. So we’re here to promote ways you can digitally change your daily activities and decrease…
April 22, 2008

The 4 ‘abilities of Ecommerce

Functionality and usability are the two categories that have been driving the growth of Ecommerce development through the previous years, but what does that mean exactly? Well, everyone has his or her own interpretation on that answer, but we’re hoping to explain it in a way you have never seen or heard before. So without further ado, I give you the 4 ‘abilities. 1/ Experience-ability: Integrating Flash and JavaScript content into your Ecommerce site creates an interactive brand/product experience that…
April 21, 2008

Another reason Starbucks is doing it right

Since I wrote the blog post on, I have read a lot of other's posts about it. The majority consensus is that they are doing it wrong. Why I thought? So many people believe that it is a poor strategy, yet I believe its good? I knew that I had to trust that my gut was right, but why was I thinking the way I was? I'll tell you. It boiled down to 2 influences, Seth Godin and the…
April 15, 2008

Ninthlink brings home a few Addys

Last week was the awards ceremony for the 2007 San Diego Ad Club, Addy Awards. It's great to see all the faces behind the work that is driving our local advertising economy. The panel of judges was an exceptional group of advertising and design veterans, so it was a great acheivement to be awarded. We brought home 2 silvers, one for our charitable work with the Non-Profit art magazine, Ism, and the second was for our Ninthlink Christmas viral site,…
April 11, 2008