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Conversion. Keep it Simple

What is a Conversion? A conversion is an action that brings value to your business. In terms of the internet, a conversion is when a visitor to your website engages in a desired action. Examples of conversions are purchases, leads, newsletter signups, or any other action that fulfills your company’s objectives. The easiest and most popular way to measure ROI with conversion is product purchases from the website. (more…)
June 22, 2007

Calendar Women

Calendar Women You can zoom in on the classes and fashions that seize your consideration. There’s no want so that you can go to strip golf equipment or night time golf equipment. This is time-consuming and a waste of your cash. When you go to the main web page of Cameralux, you will see dozens of attractive fashions ready to please you. They will invite you to their free webcams. Get into the spirit of giving by spending your tokens…
May 21, 2007

Webby Award

Ninthlink just recieved an Official Honoree Webby Award for the Viral site, Face of Christmas. Here's a little background blurb I wrote for a newsletter a few months ago about the site: Ninthlink decided to implement and test an interactive and measurable viral video marketing campaign for the holidays to prove the value and bring in the holiday cheer. Strategic planning produced 2 areas that we could measure to provide a successful result. The areas measured were: the amount of…
April 13, 2007

Online behavioral targeting… How does it make you feel?

I just read an email from a CEO of a Search Engine Optimization firm and he brought up an interesting point of view that many marketers don't think about, how does it actually make a user feel when they know they are being behaviorally targeted?  It was described pretty funny, he claimed he had lost his behaviorally targeted virginity, and felt very used after the experience.  Maybe I'm naive, but I'd rather have online advertising catered to what I want…
April 12, 2007