Auto Post Your Blog Posts to Facebook

While doing a little work on The Modlins' blog, I stumbled across a video tutorial on How to Add Your Blog Feed to Your Facebook Profile that is great advice for, well, anyone who blogs and facebooks (is that a verb yet?). With just a few clicks and one copy-paste, Facebook will give you a new Note whenever you publish a blog post. Learn how after the jump (or watch the video tutorial...) (more…)
February 21, 2010

The Grid and How We Work It

The creative process has its own meaning and function for everyone. There is a general structure we like to adhere to, but almost every design problem we face presents a new issue to work against. It's exciting to tackle these brain teasers and see the possibilities that come forth after getting lost in the problem for a while. As some of this tinkering is unavoidable, the creative process can't be avoided for too long or nothing will ever get done.…
November 25, 2009

Three Essential WordPress Plugins

After spending the past ... 7? months working in Drupal, I found myself thrust back in to the wonderful world of Wordpress. And now that the dust is settling at least a little bit, after cranking out what seems like 5 sites since the start of November, I am able to look back and truly appreciate some of the goodness from this open source community. While its not (yet?) as easy (for me) to accomplish some of the heavy-lifting that…
November 19, 2009