5 Reasons Why We Love Ya, Facebook

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The successful social networking site Facebook turned five years old this month.  Here are five reasons why we dig and luv the site:

1) Created The (For Now) “Definitive” Social Networking Experience
In a world where most of our daily communication comes in the form of e-mail, IMs, and other Internet-based methods, Facebook has fused these elements into one package, the mark of positive usability. With more than 150 million active users, Facebook is, quite simply, where it’s at. It has e-mail; it has IM; it has Twitter-infused status updates; it has everything one needs to connect with old high school buddies, make new friends, and build a cohesive online community.

Facebook is not limited to the sole person – it is used by businesses, non-profit organizations, and presidents. Practically everyone who loves to be online in this high-tech world of disembodied communication has latched onto Facebook as a central hub for engagement.

2) It Has a Streamlined, Smooth Interface
What’s most important about Facebook’s interface is that it’s easy to use, and relatively difficult to get lost within. Tabs guide users through the variety of posted items, and an iPhone app makes it easy to log in on the go. Remember that acronym KISS?  Keep It Simple Stupid? Put frankly, Facebook is beautiful in its simplicity.

3) It Got in the Face of MySpace
MySpace is a mess; it’s like an HTML epileptic fit. Besides its reputation for being the stomping ground of sexual predators and its rather filthy casual sex underpinnings (it’s not nicknamed MeatSpace for nothing).  When MySpace became more popular than, it was only a matter of time before someone got into MySpace’s face and showed them up.  It’s all about competition, baby.

4) Hub For Education and Student Communication
Schools and publishing companies flock to Facebook as a way to connect students with other students. Through study groups, help guides, and other forms of student interaction generally relegated to different sites spread all over the Web, Facebook has proven to be a successful and effective catalyst for student success.

5) Social and Cultural Relevance
In just five short years, Facebook has become a household name for communication. It has captured the minds and hearts of a generation and turned into a phenomenon unlike what its creators could have expected. A movie about the founder is in the works.

Craig Wheeler

Craig joined the Ninthlink team in 2002 as an intern before graduating from SDSU in 2003. For the last eight years he's been wrangling interface designs, falling in love with various typefaces, and enjoying urban color palettes found on his bike ride to and from work. He keeps the creative juices charged by spending time in the ocean and mountains and a steady routine of yoga and meditation.


  • Arturo says:

    Great concise analysis. I am sending this to my friends, over 40, and business associates that just don’t get it and are somewhat dissatisfied with linked in. Now if only facebook would let you go back and make typo edits!

  • Wally Hardin says:

    As an old guy staying in touch with potential younger clients Facebook has been great. A younger friend suggested it and it is working.

  • Heather says:

    Great article! I agree. I love Facebook. I’ve been trying to get my friends on there for about 2 year now. They’re all finally coming around. There are still a few stragglers, so this article will go out to them. Thanks!

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