Cool Tools for Search 4.0

A cool new tool called DragToTop,  from a pair of serial entrepreneurs in Ottawa, Canada, captures the immediacy of a Twitter or Google Trends, yet adds a powerful toolset to help individual users organize and save searches about topics that are important to them.  

Enter a term you’d like to search for and the organic results appear in the column to the left. Drag results that are valuable to a column to the right (you must log into the site to save past drags.) Whatever you deem important enough to drag gets added to the collective intelligence of the search engine, alerting users to what’s being saved and prioritized in real time.

Google tells you what words are being searched for – -DragToTop goes a step further and tells you what search results are found to be most relevant by the crowd.

Creator Rocky Mirza says the site, which launched in beta last week, is already being used to break gossipy news and stoke the fires that lead to viral hits on the web. “Search hasn’t fundamentally changed for several years,” said Mirza, adding: “This is search 4.0 — machine learning bundled with human insight.”

Jeromy Stallings

Jeromy Stallings is the founder at Ninthlink. His purpose is to help business owners, thinkers, marketers & teams achieve their full potential through the authorship of strategic plans for the internet. Jeromy loves learning about anything digital, and helping others - so please comment and share how you are contributing to others with your skills!

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