Asteroids! A Blast from the Past!

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asteroidsFeeling nostalic and analogue, the days a large arcade games, Texas Instruments and 3×5 floppy disks with 20 kb? Sure, we can all use some fun and games this season, which is why Infogrames Entertainment’s old school v-game label Atari — remember Atari, kids? — is relaunching as a free arcade portal.

That’s right — log on and play, once again,  “Asteroids,” “Battlezone,” “Lunar Lander” or “Yars Revenge” to your heart’s content while the company markets geek-tested merchandise and more current console games like “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” and the MMMO game “Champions Online.”

Hear those classic 1980s sounds of a triangle blasting away floating rocks!  What looks low buget, written in C+ and no color was, back in the day, considered high tech genius game coding.

We’ve all come a long way, and yet…these games are still fun as heck to play.

Or…head over to Adult Swim’s web site and for a little twisted holiday cheer — they have a Christmas-themed version of its hit zombie game.

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