Matt Stallings all up in Sezio and, this Friday, After the Bomb Popped at Subtext

sezio matt stallings

First we went to Subtext’s blog to check out their word on Matt’s solo show, After the Bomb Popped, opening this Friday. They linked to his feature at, where Justin Skeesuck, Sean Kelley, Subtext’s Dylan Jones, and Don Hollis all ask Matt some questions. Then I looked up at the header of the site, and staring back at me is the same goat that is on the wall right behind my head.

Don: If you were a molecular biologist, how would you explain Matt Stallings’ DNA?
Coffee + Television + Fruit Loops + Cartoons + Bear Suites + Nostalgia + Comedy + 1+1=3 + Madonna Gap tooth + Beer + Kids + Tabloids + Love + Wife + Family + Red Beard = White. Medium height. Slightly hairy human.

after the bomb popped

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