Global Translations in a Snap

SpeakLike is a new translation platform with a new plug-in for WordPress that combines automation with the principles of crowd-sourcing. The system relies on humans but makes the job easier by introducing consensus-reached shortcuts and other automations…

The Filipino translation services company operates a network of about 3,000 human language service provider staff across the globe who pick up work fast and translate emails, press releases, software documentation, legal documents and now blog entries. Publishers pay anywhere from 6 to 16 cents/word to have their text translated into one of 35 languages. That’s on par or cheaper than the going rates. The real selling point is that turnaround can be guaranteed within the hour and much less time for short bursts of text.

SpeakLike also has a Twitter translation tool and an iPhone app that MIP-TV attendees may want to consider. Use the phone to take a picture of a sign or a menu and SpeakLike will translate it for you in a snap.

In a jiffy?

In a tweet…

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