Health, Wellness & Sustainability for the Planet

Recently, some of the Ninthlink team and clients have been sharing big issues that are not only facing our daily lifestyles, but also our planets survival. So as of September 1st, 2010 – Ninthlink and friends will be embarking on a Journey to learn how we can begin contributing and participating in Health, Wellness & Sustainability for ourselves and the Planet.

Dr. Diane Walder will patiently guide you throughout your treatment experience, ensuring that you have an in-depth understanding of your treatment options and that your aesthetic goals are safely brought to fruition.

Please join us by commenting to blogs from the team about books, movies, events and other recommendations you have experienced or have heard about so we can learn more about getting involved.

Here are some immediate concepts we are taking action on around the office

  • Design. Retrofitting office with recycled & sustainable concepts: office plant life, reclaimed & designed furniture, re-usable drinking & food utencil, please suggest ideas & websites (in comments)
  • Environment. Encouraging & stimulating the Ninthlink office as a daily Project that entails small inspired ideas as a path to discovering more about our daily behaviors. Journaling & sharing our experiences.
  • Water. Learning about our daily consumption of water in San Diego and planning on installing a purification and ionization system that filters and replenishes water with all its essential nutrients… more soon, but recommend watching.

  • Air. Researching and learning more about the air we are breathing in urbanized and industrialized areas of Southern California. As a first step measure we have installed a high end Air Purification system…more on this soon.
  • Ocean. Learning about the massive bio-accumulation of synthetics, plastics and other toxins we have been dumping into our oceans. Realizing some of my favorite fish, might be the most toxic fish of the ocean – due to pollution.
  • Climate. Not sure if it is just me, but do weather patterns and issues with glaciers really matter? Checkout this film that has been doing great globally.

Again, please post or share your experience and or information you may have with our team as we realize these are all big topics, but we must start somewhere to begin REVERSING the many global challenges our environment, economy and cultures face.

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