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Shortening the Display of Blog Categories

Anyone using either the default TwentyTen WordPress Theme, or any theme based on it, like our own theme is, might find this interesting. I noticed that David‘s post on The Essentials of Landing Page Conversion was posted under the categories of Nlk Tips, Web Design, Web Development, AND Web Marketing, and all that text was causing the “Posted…” area to display oddly. The default behavior from that theme is to display the Categories a Post is posted in via WordPress’s get_the_category_list function. Due to our longer category names, and the prime real estate of the “Categories:…” area, something had to be done. Read More

Essentials to Landing Page Conversion : What’s in Your Main Content Block?

When a user comes to your page, the first thing they will see is the main content block (outlined in red).  Like anything else, first impressions are very important and you only have a small window to both introduce your product or offering and pique a visitor’s interests to move them along to the next step in the conversion funnel.

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Essentials to Landing Page Conversion

Over the past couple of years at Ninthlink we have been designing and developing high conversion landing pages for clients looking to sell a single product or other offering at a single price.  Our designs and strategy, backed by testing and observation, have proven to be effective with conversion rates anywhere between 12 and 20% or greater.  These types of landing pages are perfect for anyone looking for a straightforward way to market and sell a product or other offering online.  In addition to being a great conversion tool, high performing landing pages can be used as an alternative to a full blown website, and present a great method for supporting PPC campaigns, SEM, ad networks and affiliate marketing.  In the coming days we will be taking a look at a current landing page we are building as well as reviewing each element and the strategy behind it.

Invasion of Office – Whiteboard Monsters

Checkout these guys that showed up to hang out with me as I am working late at the office. So grateful to be surrounded by such a creative team and cast of characters that frequent the halls and walls of the Ninthlink.

Webdesign and Whiteboarding as Essentials Steps to Planning

But really now. White-boarding can be one of the most effective ways to brainstorm ideas and evaluate concepts that get people excited and collaborating.

Keys to a Top Converting Website

Even with the advances in technology and online sales tools, the average conversion rate for websites is currently around 3%.  Fortunately this number is just an average and not the rule as there are numerous examples of companies that have great conversion rates by comparison; ProFlowers, for instance has a conversion rate of 26.5%.  We are going to take a look at some of the most important secrets to top converting websites as well as what some of the top converting websites do well.

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