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Ninthlink + Petunia Pickle Bottom Lookbook

"Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 by a trio of people who pay homage to the chic mommy who makes a statement without saying a word." When they wanted to replace the static images on their homepage with a javascript-powered "Lookbook" to showcase their new Fall 2011 collection, they came to Ninthlink. I must give credit to Tom Doyle for the starting point…
August 2, 2011
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As Growth Rates Explode – Businesses Must Wait to Capitalize

Over the past few days I’ve been getting more and more Google+ notifications in my inbox from friends adding me into their circles, so it was no surprise when I read this morning that there may be 20 million Google+ users by the weekend, which according to some estimates, comes close to equaling Facebook’s rapid expansion at it’s peak in 2009 when they were adding nearly 1 million new users a day.  For the record, Google+ launched on June 28th.…
July 12, 2011
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We’ve Merged! To Give You More…

It’s official!  SD Interactive and Ninthlink Inc., two of San Diego’s oldest and most experienced San Diego Interactive firms, have merged.  The company will continue to operate under Ninthlink Inc, and will remain headquartered in our Metro San Diego office on Front Street.  The union of our two companies, which have worked side-by-side for more than 5 years, ultimately gives us a more powerful marketing presence and the ability to offer existing clients a fuller array of online marketing services…
June 30, 2011
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Big Changes Ahead for Future Domain Names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is the governing body that oversees the management of top level domain addresses such as .com and .org has recently approved the expansion of top level domain names; a move that will greatly increase the number of current top level domains (there are 22) and will presumably open up a wide range of other issues as companies race to stake their claim on the new possibilities. (more…)
June 22, 2011