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Kraft Foods Literally Delivers With New Social Media Campaign

We came across a pretty rad example of a fun and engaging social media campaign from Kraft Foods to market their Wheat Thins product line.  It’s a Twitter based campaign, which incorporates a YouTube channel with 250 subscribers and counting.  The most recent video, a 30 second spot, has been viewed almost 200 thousand times! (more…)
July 2, 2010

Social Networking: We ‘Like’ It

Back in the old days (about 3 or 4 years ago) the terms ‘viral marketing’ and ‘social networking’ were mostly buzz words thrown around to make people either sound smart, trendy, or a combination of both.  Currently, these concepts, along with the various other aspects of Social Media Marketing have completely revolutionized the way people interact with brands and information. (more…)
July 1, 2010

No Surprise Here: Internet Soon to Overtake Newspapers in Ad Revenue

If you work for or own a print media outlet, you may want to stop reading now and pretend you never saw this post… I’m not trying to depress anyone, just stating the facts. By the year 2014, the Internet will become the 2nd largest U.S. advertising medium behind only television, fueled by the rise of advertising across interactive media, video, and email. (more…)
June 29, 2010