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David Lussky


Is your website properly optimized for search engines?

If not, you aren’t getting the most out of your website and chances are your competitors, those who are actively involved in SEO and other Search Engine Marketing tactics are taking advantage.  According to, in June of 2010 alone, Google had close to 149 million unique visitors, while Yahoo! had 134.3 million, followed by Bing with just under 60 million. (more…)
August 6, 2010

Theme of the Month: Search Engine Marketing

Long were they days when you could launch a website and expect to get people calling your phone and/or buying your product based on the idea of just having a website. Your online presence alone cannot get you the growth and success you are seeking without some critical and essential Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  strategies like “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). (more…)
August 2, 2010

Social Media Wrap Up

Over the past month we’ve taken a close look at social media in today’s world as it relates to online development, design, and marketing. As a relatively new phenomenon, social media has grown immensely and has transformed from an afterthought into a vital component of various marketing mixes and has turned many skeptics into believers in terms of its effectiveness. (more…)
July 28, 2010

Under Development: A New Type of Location Sharing

There have been a lot of location- based applications developed to help connect you and your friends and family using GPS via your mobile device.  Applications such as Foursquare, Brightkite, and Google Latitude, give users the ability to broadcast their locations anytime, anywhere to anyone else using the same service.  With all of these exciting new capabilities being put to use, we here at Ninthlink, couldn’t wait to get involved. We’ve been working with Qualcomm to develop the online/web side…
July 25, 2010