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David Lussky


Expedited SEM : The Pay-Per-Click Campaign

For those who would like to get the benefits out of Search Engine Marketing, but don’t have the time or patience to wait for results to occur organically/naturally via SEO, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign may be the option for you. (more…)
August 20, 2010

Image Search Ads : A Visual Twist on SEM

If you’ve noticed something different about Google Images, but can’t quite put your finger on it, relax, you’re not crazy; for the first time since its launch in 2001, the service has been completely revamped.  In addition to major interface features, a new product known as Image Search Ads has been implemented, allowing marketers to advertise in an enhanced, more visual way, alongside image search results. (more…)
August 17, 2010
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Fresh From Ninthlink :

We’d like to officially reintroduce everyone to!  After months of planning, design and development, the new and improved site is up and running.  I sat down with Matt Stallings, the lead designer on the project to find out a little bit more about the inspiration behind the redesign.  Here is what was focused on: (more…)
August 16, 2010

SEO Tips : Getting Attention From Search Engines

Although some are easier to implement than others, there are a number of tips that most anyone can do in order to make their website more appealing to search engines.  Although there are more from seo reseller pricing to read about, we are just going to highlight a couple of the most important and least technical factors to keep in mind. (more…)
August 12, 2010

Keyword Strategy : The Key to Successful SEO

The most important factor in determining the success your site is using the best SEO Perth WA and getting ranked in search engines is the keywords you decide to use.  It’s an absolute necessity to focus on the words that your target audience is searching for; otherwise there is no way you’ll ever be found, no matter how great or useful your site may be. (more…)
August 11, 2010