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David Lussky


Industry Trend: Consolidation of Social Media

It was bound to happen sometime, and this appears to be the year.  As a relatively new phenomenon, the realm of social media has kinda been like the old Wild West, a space dominated by self proclaimed ‘experts’, a lack of clearly defined structure and place in a marketing mix. (more…)
July 22, 2010

Design Tools for Enhancing Social Media Efforts

According to a popular agency that does web design cardiff, the success of a website is most often dependent on its ability to generate traffic.  Without a consistent flow of users (hopefully customers), business goals aren’t likely to be met.  Although it’s not always easy to get your content out to the masses, there are tools available to help.  A couple favorites of ours include ShareThis and AddThis. (more…)
July 16, 2010

Social Strategies that Work: Learning from Starbuck’s Success

With an astounding total of over 10.1 million fans, Starbucks is easily the most popular brand on the social networking site, ahead of its closest competitor (Coca-Cola) by more than 2 million.  They’ve obviously found a recipe for success in the social media realm and their tactics can be applied to more social media avenues than just Facebook. (more…)
July 15, 2010