Connected World and Community. Wow!

Thought this image (infographic) was worth taking a quick timeout from working on strategies that are helping clients reach more customers through the Internet. For those that have not yet watched the "Social Network" about the amazing explosion of Facebook - the image above highlights for you how significant the participation and connection is between friends, families and cultures online. Really like the quote from editor.... "What really struck me, though, was knowing that the lines didn't represent coasts or…
December 15, 2010
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Ninthlink Praised in UCSD Alumni Annual Report

We had the pleasure of working on a facelift for the UCSD Alumni Website over this past year, and while it is true that a job well done is its own reward, it is also nice when the praise comes from the client, in the form of an article in their annual report that gets sent out to all Alumni, including my mom, who pointed it out via email to me this morning. "The fresh design from San Diego's Ninthlink…
December 14, 2010

Bill Gates Favorite Teacher – Sal Khan Ninthlink has recently partnered with Black Book Sessions (a non-profit), based on the vision to bring more relevent & inspired events to youth and teachers throughout the world. One of the hot topics is "How to bring more relevant education to young people" both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Doing some research today can find online help for homework in physics in the new edge technology and education go hand in hand, I discovered Sal Khan…
December 14, 2010
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Black Book Sessions. What Inspires You?

Ninthlink has recently partnered with Black Book Sessions that delivers a vision for the future of how kids learn, inspire and contribute to local community. A big part of of Black Book Sessions will be events to give back to the community that are kicking off January of 2011. Black Book Sessions is a non-profit organization that empowers and inspires young and emerging talent. Over the past three years, Black Book Sessions has sponsored a series of live events, “Sessions,”…
December 8, 2010

No One Has Enough Power to Save Us…Watch this movie. End of year, we have been sharing some great stories around art, music, culture, education, health, and wellness that people maintain in different ways, one of this ways is with the use of health guides from sites as Touched by watching the documentary "Waiting for Superman", it inspired me to call an emergency morning meeting to discuss the state of Education in our country and get some feedback from the team. No one has enough Power to Save…
November 19, 2010