Our Top Picks for Mobile Apps

The world of mobile apps is constantly evolving and rapidly growing at a spectacular rate. More and more we are spending time with apps as they become more useful and purposeful for our individual needs. Apps tend to satisfy three main driving points to fulfill what the end user is seeking to accomplish; fun & entertainment, convenience, and learning. I asked some of the iPhone users around the office what their three favorite apps are, although some got excited and…
February 21, 2013

Is The Mission on fire yet?

Ladies n gents, your Baltimore world champions. Not so excited by that or by all the commercials? Maybe you or someone you know and love live in San Francisco? Luckily there is a site just for you, at least for the next couple hours til things wind down a bit... Keep checking, I guess?
February 3, 2013

Ninthlink Seeks Kickass Front-End Developer to Join Team of Ninjas!

In-House Front-end Developer Experience in HTML5, Drupal, WordPress and PHP Ninthlink, Inc. is a creative online marketing agency in San Diego. We’ve provided online marketing, design and development services to a wide range of clients and industries for the past 14 years. We bring years of experience in all aspects of online marketing due to our amazing 12- person team. Team members are constantly learning new technologies, and are expected to keep up with learning and utilizing the latest techniques…
January 31, 2013

Say Hello To OVERTIME Work Brew. A Ninthlink Adventure in Home Brewing and Holiday Cheer

Ninthlink’s team of digital artisans have embarked on a journey to discover the history and culture of Craft Beer. As a tribute to that first time you ever sipped, swagged or pounded your first craft beer, we decided this year to embark on learning from friends and family about their stories with beer. And/so, as with many other Ninthlink creative ventures from our past, we dove head first into learning and crafting Beer that celebrates traditions of our ancestors and…
December 13, 2012

Facebook’s Year in Review – fun, or not so much?

Today is 12.12.12, WordPress 3.5 codename "Elvin" was released yesterday, and if you need any more of a hint that the world as we know it may be coming to a close, the Facebook has launched their (your) Year in Review today. Go there, and see a slideshow of your "top" (?) pictures from 2k12 , as well as the 20 most commented/liked things that you did this past year? In case you forgot about some key events of your…
December 12, 2012