Proud to Introduce Grade A Signâ„  – A New Street-Level Ad Network

The next generation of storefront advertising has arrived! While knowing the common banner printing sizes and using them is a quite effective and impactful way to get clients but the Grade A SmartSignâ„  delivers an innovative end-to-end ad solution that networks A-rated restaurants in top locations with national brands, proximity advertisers & smart-phone enabled consumers. It's a brand new way to get noticed. (more…)
June 28, 2012

Subtle BG Patterns for your WP goodness

Matt pointed this out, but he didn't blog it yet, so I am. is an excellent resource for repeatable background patterns which are both quality and free. And they totally have a Background Patterns WordPress plugin which adds their entire Pattern Library in as a resource, just one button click away on your WP Theme's "Background" page. What is not to like about that? (more…)
June 21, 2012

The bigger they are…

See, even the giant sites out there have trouble sometimes. I guess thats why JavaScript / HTML best practices are for loading scripts at the very bottom of the page, right before the tag, so that in case one of your scripts is a call out to Twitter to load some latest tweets, everything else can play nice even if that one just tries to load and load and load... Happy Thursday?
June 21, 2012
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Ninthlink Successfully Launches using WordPress Business Ecommerce Themes.

Ninthlink successfully launched in May of 2012. We designed and programmed the website using an up and coming Wordpress Business Ecommerce theme from The entire Yachts Dealership was customized to fit multi-currency and brand requirements of Rags Design, a company based in both Europe and the US. According to Bridget Knol, owner of Rags Design, " has been a major factor in the success and recognition of Rags Design. The website has made is possible to share and…
June 15, 2012