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Iran and Technology — Corporate Tech Restricts, New Media Resists


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Iranian government is utilizing a cutting-edge technology developed with Siemens AG and Nokia Corp that enables it to inspect deep packets of data to control and censor access to information on the internet on a large scale.   This process enables authorities to not only block communication but to monitor it to gather information about individuals, as well as alter it for disinformation purposes,, according to experts who spoke to WSJ.

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The Flaming Lips! $6! August 15th!

omg omg

Had to make one quick blog post, and then back to work. Heard on the radio this morning, and then got the IM too, has all the info for the Summer Concert Series at the Del Mar race tracks, including, but not limited to, The Flaming Lips playing the infield on Saturday August 15th, for $6. Yes? Yes!

Some Cool New iPhone Apps


Now that the new iPhone OS is out today, here are some cool new apps that you can apply and use

Golf fans will be able to watch live video coverage of the U.S. Open using a free iPhone app powered by IBM. The application benefits from the iPhone 3.0 OS’ enhanced processing speed and video capabilities, so the video should look even better.     Read More

Will Bing Bring in the Bling for Microsoft?


The Search is Afoot

Mocrosoft’s new  Bing search engine has brought innovation to the marketplace and users are responding by returning again and again to the service.

Two weeks into its launch and Bing has boosted Microsoft’s search share by about 3% points, according to ComScore. Instead of Google’s white space approach, Bing adds some Bling, introducing a new glossy photo everyday embedded with interesting factoids and blurbs related to the picture. Categories such as Travel, Shopping, Health and Videos cut down on useless search results.

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Two New Online Interactive Reality Shows for You to Watch


Microsoft launched a new interactive reality web series produced with Reveille and its ad agency JWT.

It’s Everybody’s Business with Jack & Suzy Welsh presents as a novel way to promote the company’s enterprise software solutions (such as  its Silverlight video platform).  Former General Electric chairman Jack Welsh and his wife pay house calls to businesses like Hertz to give advice and constructive criticism — it’s kind of like Mr. T’s Pity the Fool for business managers. Read More