Coffee Can Lamp

So there's been a lot of renovation going on at the Ninthlink office lately. As we're buffing out the interior, our goal is to be as sustainable and Earth conscious as possible. There's a lot of great resources to spark some ideas, and I love this coffee can lamp I came across on ReadyMade. We're on the hunt for great ideas and places we can find reclaimed materials to get the office spruced up. Some sites I visit are DIY…
September 8, 2010

The Booze Cruz

A couple year's back, my old buddy Sean asked if I could design some graphics for a beach cruiser called the "Booze Cruz" he's going to be producing through his BMX company Revenge Industries. The Booze Cruz is all about pedaling to the local bar or liquor store and letting the good times roll. He wanted a collage of beer bottles, six packs, 40's, etc. I even threw in a beer bong just for the heck of it. It was…
August 16, 2010

a fun day for ARNOLD, our newest mascot

Meet ARNOLD. He's quick to learn, has incredible character and skill, has a great head of hair, and keeps the Ninthlink crew on their toes, WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST EMPLOYEE/MASCOT? (is it cool with everyone if he is our mascot? )! Arnold came to work today for the first time in a long time, he is my sweet little 1.5 year old boy boxer, and is kinda a momma's boy (although my husband would say otherwise). All day today he…
August 5, 2010

Inspired by 40 Years of Goodness & Totally Cool!

So with all creative juices flowing lately with Survey Select - Art Exhibition, I thought it relevant to share a story and appreciation for two folks that have been a constant source of creativity and support all my life. Meet my super cool and kickass parents. People always ask me where my brother and I get our creative spirit and energy? This weekend celebrating my parents 40 year wedding anniversary helped me to realize how so much creative love and…
August 3, 2010